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Aesthetic dentistry is something that many could benefit from when it comes to dental treatment. Much like a master carpenter, aesthetic dentistry combines the underlying practice of traditional dentistry with the artistry of creating a beautiful smile. However, aesthetic dentistry is not just about making one's smile gorgeous. Instead, it also aims to make sure that the mouth and overall oral health are in good standing.

The aesthetic dentistry difference

A traditional dentistry approach focuses on the improvement and function of the teeth and gums. This means that procedures are typically necessary in order to prevent issues associated with dental health. On the other end of the spectrum, cosmetic dentistry is focused on the appearance of the teeth. Procedures like placing dental veneers or teeth whitening are considered cosmetic dentistry because their intent is purely to improve the appearance of the teeth and smile. Aesthetic dentistry is a combination of these approaches.

Rather than focus entirely on one option or the other, this approach uses a blend. Aesthetic dentistry utilizes dental techniques that give one's smile a more natural and healthy look while also completing medically necessary practices. Some examples of this include the placement of a bridge, restoring a filling, or completing a routine cleaning. All of these procedures intend to restore the function and appearance of the teeth so that proper eating and speaking can be achieved.

When to consider aesthetic dentistry

If you have been considering an aesthetic or cosmetic procedure to help improve the appearance of your smile, there are two options, both of which involve talking with a dentist. However, aesthetic dentistry can help with issues that have or could lead to oral health issues. Some people have digestive, cardiovascular, or respiratory problems that may be associated with their overall health. Patients may even seek aesthetic dentistry procedures to help them stop smoking or eating foods with high sugar content.

Benefits of aesthetic dentistry

The focus of aesthetic dentistry is never just about the appearance of your smile. For that reason, patients who qualify for aesthetic procedures are bound to come away with at least two benefits. While one is generally improving the appearance of a tooth, teeth, or smile, the second benefit can be related to the health or function of your mouth.

Aesthetic dentistry has been shown to help with overall oral health. Part of this is because people are making an investment in their teeth, and they want to care for the work that made their smile beautiful. Additionally, many of our patients also report that their appetite has improved. When the teeth are healthy and feel good, there is not a need to search for soft foods that can often be high in calories or fat. 

Find out more

Aesthetic dentistry is a field that can greatly benefit anyone that is looking to improve the way that their teeth and gums appear. Ultimately, to get started, it is recommended to talk with a dentist. 

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